Oakpodcast is an audio drama written and produced by Regan Adler.

When technology specialist and U.S. Marine Mara “Holly” Ellison wakes up in suburban Alabama with no papers or memory of getting there, she starts sending distress calls to her team. And when they can’t help her, she starts digging into the mystery herself. As she tries to figure out what’s happening to her partner, Oak, she uncovers more than she ever wanted to know about a bioweapon her team was exposed to. 

That’s where you, the listener, come in. Send Holly advice, funds, and podcast recs to help her survive her mission. Supporters get to immerse themselves in Holly’s world through secret packages, in-character chats, exclusive bonus episodes, early access to everything Holly produces, and way more. Holly can’t do it without you.


“OAKPODCAST really pushes boundaries in terms of immersion… a story both simple, and yet brimming with just enough backstory to make you feel like you’re right on the edge of something huge.” TDPYN


Cast and Crew

Regan Adler as Holly, Oak, Writer, Producer, and Audio Engineer

James Oliva as General Willard

Sarah Golding as Camellia

Tina Daniels as Creative Advisor, Writer, and Technology Specialist

Muciojad as Composer

“Otter” as Ivy

Veronica “Sharky” McShell-Adler as General Leia Janeway

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